Let the blogging begin!

I suppose the best way to begin is to explain why I’ve started this blog. As a practicing attorney for almost 14 years, someone who likes and uses technology (had to be the first on the block with the Wii and Windows Vista), and someone who people occasionally claim to come up with amusing thoughts that make them question the way my brain works, I decided that it was time I shared some of my tips, tricks, thoughts, and general musings on things both contract-related and otherwise. Hence, this blog.

You’ve likely found my blog because you either (a) are interested in learning tips and tricks about in-house practice, (b) are strangely interested in what an attorney has to say anyway, or (c) a relative. To all in category (c), I apologize that your birthday card is late; I must have transposed two digits in your phone number, forgot to jot down your email address, and haven’t yet “friended” you in Facebook which would explain why I’ve been out of touch. To all in (b), I hope that many (or some, or a few, or even one) of my blog entries will make you laugh, smile, or at least justify your time spent looking at my blog. To those in (a), I hope that some of my posts might be of interest, or even helpful to you.
I suppose I should include the standard disclaimer here that I am not providing legal advice to anyone through this blog, and reliance on any information in this blog is at the reader’s own risk, and that simply visiting this blog, reading posts, posting comments, or thinking about posting something does not mean that I’m representing you as your attorney or that we’ve formed an attorney-client relationship.

Onward to more substantive blogging in the next post.

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